PostHeaderIcon Saving To Buy A Ring For An Anniversary

Getting ready for an anniversary is always a very exciting time. However people are not ready for the financial hit that buying an expensive ring or gift is going to cost. The great news is that there are plenty of different alternatives that are now available to choose from. Getting better educated about all of the different options you have to choose from is going to be in your best interest. You might be pleasantly surprised to see how much money you are able to save when you start looking at cubic zirconia jewelry.

What is cubic zirconia?

Cubic zirconia is another form of jewelry that is very affordable. For some people buying diamonds is just out of the question so being able to look at cubic zirconia jewelry as another alternative is a great way for people who love the look of diamonds but cannot afford them. It is also a smart way of purchasing jewelry if you are a person that loves to travel then wearing cubic zirconia is terrific because in the event your jewelry gets lost or stolen it is not going to be a huge loss.

Budgeting for a ring

If you have decided that you are going to purchase a cubic zirconia for the time being but you are going to start thinking about looking for a real diamond then you need to be sure that you are planning ahead. You might need to make major alterations in the ways that money, but it will be worth it in the end. Or you could look for a princess cut diamond engagement ring for that special occasion.

Cubic zirconia is now becoming very popular for those people who are on a budget but they are still trying to show their love for diamonds. Owning diamonds is a wonderful thing for many people but having cubic zirconia is just as great.

PostHeaderIcon 3 Great Places To Host An Outdoor Wedding In Chicago

When it comes to scheduled events held at outdoor venues, few cities offer as much as Chicago. The big city atmosphere, the scenery, the food… one can ask for little more than all Chicago has to offer. Many outdoor venues come equipped with whatever you need. Some however, may require just a few extra considerations such as tables/chairs, generator, tents or dance floor/stage where applicable, Chicago porta potty rental companies, shaded tables, etc. Here are 3 of Chicago’s favorite outdoor venues.
Perfect for Your Reception and Your Budget
First ‘place’ – indoor/outdoor combo settings. Try these on for size if money is tight but you want an indoor/outdoor combo venue for your party or reception:

La Villa Banquet and Restaurant Pizzeria (4 out of 5 stars), Artango Bistro (4 stars), Irish American Heritage Center (4 stars), Mars Gallery (4 1/2 stars), La Luce (3 1/2 stars), Cafe Brauer (4 stars), Lincoln Hall (4 1/2 stars), Riverside Cafe (3 1/2 stars), Newberry Library (4 1/2 stars), Ignite Glass Studios (5 stars!)
Your 2nd and 3rd Chicago ‘Places’ for an Outdoor Event
Strictly outdoor, water oriented venues include the following:

Chicago’s First Lady Cruises, Anita Dee Yacht Charters, Wendella Sightseeing Boats, Shoreline Sightseeing Company, Free Spirit Yacht Cruises. And your 3rd Chicago ‘place’ for combination waterfront indoor/outdoor venues consists of Tavern at the Park (known for their tree house), The Lakefront Terrace’s Shedd Aquarium, J. Parker Lincoln Park’s Hotel Lincoln, Chicago’s Park Hyatt NoMl Kitchen, Chicago History Museum, Courtyard Garden River North’s The Ivy Room and Adler Planetarium.

When dealing with a city as big as Chicago, DO take the time to familiarize yourself with the city and what’s going on at the same time as your event. Some cities offer a free city guide with event planning in mind. You certainly don’t want your event overshadowed by another pre-existing event.

PostHeaderIcon Celeb Watch Styles

We’ve all heard of celebrity sightings; now let me introduce you to something else. Celebrity watch sightings. It’s true.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

If you thought that keeping up with the Joneses was bad try keeping up with every type of celebrity style and fashion seen not only on the red carpet but in the movies themselves. The television show NCIS stars David McCallum (from the old TV series man from U.N.C.L.E.) as the doctor of the dead (medical examiner). In the show he has been seen wearing a marine chronometer circa 1846 by Ulysses Nardin. Fancy! What about George Clooney? Everybody wants to know about him. In is movie ‘Read After Burning’ he wears the De Ville Hour Vision watch by Omega.

Who Is Wearing What?

Name your favorite celebrity and I can tell you which watch they have been seen wearing. Lady Gaga-a watch by Casio was worn for a couple of videos; Brad Pitt-it’s a tossup between Red Monkey and TAG Heuer; Kiefer Sutherland-he’s worn both MTM and Rolex (duh); Sarah Jessica Parker-Cartier; Kate Winslet-Longines; and the ever beautiful and stunning Angelina Jolie-she has been seen wearing both Omega and Tissot. Find out who’s wearing what by unlocking your iPhone 5 to T-mobile and getting an app just for celebrity style.

But hey, what’s in a name?

PostHeaderIcon How Will You Spend Your Refund?

Extra money is rare.  It’s not everyday that you win the lottery or receive a bonus.  For this reason, many people are ecstatic when they receive a refund.  These refunds are common with your tax return.  They are also common with Ppi insurance claims.  If you just got refunded, now is the time to determine how you plan on spending your money.


Luxury Watches


Many people buy luxury watches.  These items are difficult to afford on your typical budget.  However, when you receive a substantial chunk of money from your refund, affording these watches is much more simple.  Since this will be a larger purchase, make sure to take your time and evaluate the options.  There are several places where you can look.  Start with the internet.  Then visit the local jewelry stores in the area.




Many people also spend their refunds on vacations.  Sometimes there refund is high enough to justify an extravagant vacation.  You can take your entire family to Disneyland or Hawaii.  Or even on an Alaska Salmon fishing trip. The refund will provide you with enough money to pay for airfare, hotels, and the majority of your expenses.  Everyone loves a good vacation.  For once you have the resources to take one!


A New Car


Finally, consider upgrading your car.  Often, people drive the same car for too long.  They don’t want to fork over the down payment required to get a new one.  Now you have extra money for a down payment.  It is the perfect time to upgrade your car and enhance your driving experience.  Shop around.  Look for specials online and on TV.  Then, make sure to test-drive the cars you are interested in.


Enjoy your refund.  It’s not everyday that a large chunk of money lands on your desk.  Have fun and spend it wisely.  It will be gone before you know it.

PostHeaderIcon Will A Social Media Class Improve Your Watch Sales?

Watches have become almost obsolete in today’s digital society, unless of course, they are luxury timepieces.   With a cell phone, tablet or some other electronic device at the ready, most people go about their lives without even thinking about wearing a wrist watch.  The people that do choose to wear these timepieces have begun wearing them simply as a fashion accessory or, in some cases, a sign of status.

SEE MORE: iPhone 5c Jailbreaking Tutorial

Running a website that deals exclusively in watches can be a very risky venture and if you have one of these websites yourself, you may be wondering what it is you can do to bring more people to your website so that you can make the type of profits you have always wanted to make.


Social Media


You don’t need to know the extensive history of social media to know that it is here to stay.  New social media sites pop up on a daily basis, some of which will make it while others will be gone without ever having the opportunity to make its mark.  While researching the up and coming social media sites may help you get a small jump on your competitors, the fact is that if you are looking for the next big thing, you could be missing out on that revenue while the social media outlet catches on, if ever at all.  Utilizing social media that are well established to their fullest potential will take a bit more than a little bit of knowledge of how social media marketing works.


Hitting The Books


Social media is a subject that people can truly discuss for hours.  There are many aspects of social media that many people do not agree with, such as privacy issues, while others find the openness that people typically display on their social media pages refreshing.  Whatever the opinion, the fact is that everyone has an opinion because social media is a huge part of society.  In order for a business owner to harness that potential, he will truly need to have a full understanding of social media marketing and there is no better way to get that knowledge than to take a social media class.  Here you will learn how to maximize your online presence through social media and how to put your business name in front of the most amount of people possible.


If you have a website that deals with watches, you really need to market your site correctly in order to attract new customers, and the most effective way to do this is through social media.  Even if you believe that you know your social media sites well, a social media class can help you reach the level of success that you had previously only dreamed of.

PostHeaderIcon 5 Reasons You Can Afford a Luxury Watch

What do the names Cartier, Rolex, Patek Phillippe, Audemars Piguet, Bell and Ross and Mont Blanc all have in common? They are all considered luxury watches.

Finding Luxury At A Discount
Of course those are just a few of the designer named luxury watches available through online purchases these days. Frequently, online services offer more than just convenience; they offer discounts, coupons, credits and more. One web site in particular offers 20% off on anything from their luxury watch collection in addition to a great value, the longest warranties you can find anywhere, exquisite service and high quality. This website also deals in designer mobile phones, jewelry, handbags and other accessories. Unlock your new phone by using Oh did I mention that these designer watches are replicas? So high is the quality on these watches that you are the only one who will know.

Yes You Can Afford Luxury
When you see the prices on these watches you’re going to realize that simply by checking out some of the services dealing with a cash loan, you will be able to order and quickly receive your luxury watch. Here are some price examples that you’ll never believe: Rolex watches from $138 – $722; Cartier $140 – $722; or Audemars Piguet $176 – $789.
So you see you can spend as little or as much as you want, depending on just what it is that you do want.

PostHeaderIcon Will You Need Your Watch on a Jungle Vacation?

Have you ever thought about how many times you look at your watch, or a timepiece of some sort, throughout your day?  If you are like most people, the answer is “no”.  The fact is that so much of our lives are dependent upon the clock that it may sometimes seem as if we spend our whole lives tied to a clock.  Between deadlines and start times, not to mention waiting for that proverbial five o’clock whistle to blow, we may look at the time dozens of times per day.  If you are sick of being a slave to time and just want to relax a bit without paying attention to the clock, Costa Rica may be the perfect place for you to visit.


Getting Away


When you slave away in the city every day, everything can start to annoy you.  The sounds of traffic, the smell of the pollution, even the chatter of your coworkers can get to you every once in a while.  This is normal!  No one likes to be full of stress and, unfortunately, that is what the city provides as a reward for working so hard to be successful.  In order to get away from this stress, it is a good idea to remove yourself from it as much as you possibly can.  While some people may consider the countryside to get away from the city, you really can’t do better than taking a nice, serene jungle vacation to help you relieve some of that stress and remember why you are working in the first place.


Jungle Vacation


Vacationing in the jungle may not sound as if it would be very relaxing but the fact is that there are few places that are more relaxing than Costa Rica.  It doesn’t matter what your perfect outlet for your stress is, you are sure to find plenty of ways to relax in the gorgeous jungle of Costa Rica.  If you like to simply wander around in nature, the jungles and beaches both provide gorgeous settings in which to let go of the stress you have been holding on to so tightly.  If you prefer to go sightseeing and see buildings and cultures that you have never experienced before, Costa Rica has you covered there, too.


Everyone gets tired of running the rat race from time to time and we would love it if we could just forget our deadlines and obligations.  Taking a vacation in Costa Rica allows you to do just that.  You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a beauty and culture you have never experienced.  The best part is that since you aren’t against any deadlines, you can leave your watch at home.

PostHeaderIcon Adding Diamonds To Your Luxury Watch

Nothing says luxury quite like custom jewelry.  If you have your eye on a nice watch for instance, you can make it all the nicer by adding a custom jewelry design.  Atlanta has any number of artisan jewelers that can spruce up a nice piece of jewelry, by adding some unique touches – diamonds for instance. Whether it’s your idea or you need some help from the artistic mind of the jeweler, even a plain piece of jewelry can be turned into a magnificent collector piece, to be passed down through the ages as an heirloom.


What Is Custom Jewelry?


In a nutshell, this type of jewelry has a specific price, material, design and style that have been specified by the customer and made in strict accordance with those specifications.  Of course, not everyone has the artistic ability to design jewelry and that’s where artisan jewelers can assist you even before they begin the actual piece’s manufacture.  You will be proud to add something of value and style to your collection, reflecting your own unique preference and taste.  Some artisans have pieces that they have created or helped to create in their stores, to give you an idea of the quality of their craftsmanship.  It’s a good idea to take a look at these, as a type of preview, for what to expect from this particular custom jewelry maker.  You will want to be assured that the guidelines you have set for the creation of this artistic piece of work are adhered to… to the letter.  By approving the design, before your jewelry artisan begins work you can be guaranteed of an exact match.


There’s No Time like the Present For Your First Piece of Custom Jewelry


Some men are not as into jewelry as most women are.  That said however, most men have at least one good watch that they wear for dressy occasions.  There is no problem walking around day-to-day with a Walmart special for $20, particularly if you are hard on watches.  But, for those days and/or nights that call for formal to semi-formal attire, there’s nothing like a gold or silver watch with diamonds added, in the style of your choosing and design, to spruce up an outfit.  Then again, some men have more jewelry than most women have shoes.  Gentlemen of this nature frequently go with custom jewelry, because it is different than anything anyone else is wearing… And they absolutely love it.  Depending on what materials are used, how intricate the design is and how much workmanship goes into it, you can spend as much or as little as you so choose.  It’s your jewelry after all – you designed it.


You can even set a budget if you like and the jeweler of your choosing can help you stay within that budget, while making the absolute most of what it is you plan to spend.


PostHeaderIcon Save Time and Get a an Accurate Auto Insurance Quote

These days everyone is in a hurry.  We live our lives on the go and in this fast paced world, we barely have time to stop and smell the roses, much less spend unnecessary time getting a quote for auto insurance.  Luckily, we live in the Digital Age which makes getting the information you want easy, fast and convenient.


Get a Quote


The internet is the perfect tool when it comes to finding the information you are looking for when it comes to getting a quick quote.  Almost every auto insurance provider will have a website that is easy to use and accurate.  Not only that, there are some that are so confident of their rates that they will even provide the prices that other insurance providers advertise.   Just remember, as you are entering your information, you need to be as accurate and honest as possible, otherwise you may wind up paying more than you initially were quoted.  For a quick quote, you will need your date of birth, type of car, and possibly even your driver’s license in order to get you the information, so make sure you have as much information as possible before starting the process.


Choosing a Carrier


Generally speaking, the price of coverage will likely determine the route you take when it comes to choosing an auto insurance company.  Coverage is usually comparable between companies and the only other real factor to consider is customer service.  The customer service aspect may require a bit more digging before you find the answers you may be looking for.  Checking message boards or even just asking friends may wind up showing you that just because the insurance carrier is the least expensive, it doesn’t mean that you should go with them.  You will want to make sure that your carrier has offices nationwide so as to provide you with the best customer service possible no matter where it is you are travelling.


By using the internet, you will be able to find a quote for auto insurance coverage very quickly and with no hassle.  However, there are always other factors to consider before committing to a new carrier.  Choosing a carrier simply because they are the cheapest is never the real way to go.  Considering you are starting a long term relationship with this company, shouldn’t you know as much about it as possible before signing the dotted line?

PostHeaderIcon An Accurate Watch Will Time The Kentucky Derby Winner

Watches today, with all their built-in technologies can do things that the creator of the watch undoubtedly never intended.  But, wouldn’t he be surprised?  The timing of a race is child’s play, for today’s advanced timepieces.  No matter how fast the 2013 Kentucky Derby contenders run, today’s new watches are more than capable of keeping track.


Is It… Time… To Research Your Horse?


You might want to set a warning alarm on your watch, so that you don’t forget to do your homework, by researching the horses for the Kentucky Derby 2013.  By logging on to the Kentucky Derby website, you can find a list of horses running in the Kentucky Derby.  So that you can start deciding, which horse you will spend the most time researching.  Unless you depend on sheer luck, which does work quite well for some individuals, you might actually look at particular horses in depth.  Not only the horses themselves, but the jockeys, trainers, owners and past history of all of these can have an awful lot to do with how a horse runs a race.  The history of the horses themselves can be a critical factor, as well.  Does the horse run well on turf or better on dirt?  Seldom does a horse run well on both.  Does a horse do better at quick fast races or longer races that require endurance and a last minute burst of speed?


Questions with No Answers


A great place to look for information, such as that just mentioned is to visit which is the official Kentucky Derby website, where you can find basically all things Kentucky Derby.  By entering into your favorite search engine. you will undoubtedly be directed to that site, but your search engine will also bring up many sites that are related, thereby giving you a font of information, with which to execute your research.  You don’t need a watch to look up past times run by your favorite horses and their jockeys in past races.  The time that a horse has been resting since its last race can also be of the utmost importance.  Just enough rest and they’ll be nice and fresh.  Too much rest and they might just be a little rusty.


Hopefully you saved your money for the Kentucky Derby 2013 running.  If not its high… time… you do. The clock is ticking people.  Ladies and gentlemen make your bets.